Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Ian was exposed to music at a very young age by his father Enrique Litovich who is a musician himself. Having a home studio around the house growing up he was able to dive in to recording multitrack and playing different instruments early on. But it wasn't until the album 'Abbey Road' by The Beatles (of course) landed on his hands in the form of a cassette that he didn't obsess over music. Shortly after playing this record over and over he began to dive into playing guitar. His dad taught him the basics & away he went! Around the same time Ian took interest in learning bass, keys, drums & singing which helped to widen his abilities even further. 

Recording & audio at that time seemed to have just been part of the process without over thinking it. Ian began to record himself on a cassette recorded in order to practice guitar & do covers. Soon after it became a habit to learn a song, digest it and try to replicate it, recording it in a multitrack cassette recorder. This not only served as great ear training and arranging but also became the foundation for audio training. After dabbling with cassettes & reel to reel tape machines he got introduced into the digital world with a Tascam 8 track digital recorder which began the real obsession over recording. Spending many hours after school and weekends locked in the room playing around with the recorder and learning how to perfect things is how he got to where he is now. 

Around 2011-2012 Ian moved to NYC in order to pursue a music career which would prove to be a much harder task than imagined. After grinding it with a day job and playing local gigs, doing local small sessions he began to focus on the aspect of being a session musician. This focus allowed Ian to develop his guitar playing & master the ability to improvise & be the on call guy for many people. Later in time he would be doing studio work plus playing shows on a weekly basis around the NYC. He would end up playing a round of shows with the Indy Pop band 'Panama Wedding' including the Thrival Festival in Pittsburgh. Not long after he noticed that during studio sessions for guitar he would end up helping with the production end of the song which really caught his attention. This led to him being hired as a producer for the same people that were hiring him as a guitar player. It ended up working great as he could play the parts as well as work on the arrangement and recording process. 

This is where 333 Studios came into play. After working in many different studios around NYC, Ian began to realize the potential in having his own setup in order to work with clients directly and efficiently.  Soon after he began working out of his own home studio called '333 Studios' located in Brooklyn NY. The whole idea of beginning this journey was to create a 'one stop shop' where people can come in with nothing and leave with a finished song out the door. Having the tools & knowledge to do this, Ian began getting recognized by fellow musicians, songwriters and producers for being versatile, not only in what he could do in the studio but the styles of music. Ian has produced & recorded everything from Pop, R&B, Jazz, Rock, Hip-Hop, Blues & Country. Loving every minute of his work he is now hunkered down putting his roots firmly in Brooklyn where you find him working with different artists from all over.  

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