Q: Can you work via email if I am overseas or in a different State?

A: Yes, I can work via email, we can send the files back and forth via dropbox, email or Google Drive. I have the equipment setup in my personal studio to record professional sounding tracks. 


Q: How does payment work and how much is your hourly rate?

A: Payment is simple, if we work in a studio (aka: in person, I can take cash, venmo or check). As far as my hourly rate, it depends on the project, length and amount of songs that need to be recorded. I am very flexible with budgets and will work with almost anything that's reasonable. Contact me for a specific quote and more info.


Q: How much time does it take you to record the tracks?

A: It depends on the amount of work that needs to be done and my work load at the time but I can always guarantee that it will be on your set deadline and nothing will be rushed to get it done, I work with detail on every track making sure you get the results you want. 


Q: How does the 'work via email' thing function exacly? 

A: Working via email (web) is very simple. You explain to me the project you have, what you need, (how many songs, what style you prefer, how many guitars per track etc), then we negotiate on a price that is fair for the both of us and after that, you send me files via email, Google Drive or Dropbox. I then work on the songs, doing various takes of each, send you a sample of each one. After you are satisfied with the sample recording then we settle up payment and I send you the full tracks in high quality audio!

Pdub - Too Far (Guitar Tracks)

- Puerto Rico Telephone Company Jingle in PR - Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Production - 2005

-  Chrysler, Jeep & Dodge Christmas Commercial Jingle in PR -  Keyboards - 2006

- Joe Ojeda - (Puerto Rico Idol) - Guitar Tracks -  2008-2011

- Pablo Nieves - (Puerto Rico Idol) - Guitar Tracks, Production - 2010

- Johnny Bliss (Artist/Va Por Ti) - Guitar Tracks - 2015

- Daniel Phase Thomas (Producer) - Guitar Tracks - 2015

- Matt Wolpe - (Singer/Songwriter, Broadway, Once) - The Bedside Romeos, Dustbowl Serenade, Tracks - 2015-16

- The Klaxxics - Toured Puerto Rico playing through hotels, casinos and clubs - 2009-2010

- The Camaros - (Live Gigs) Band 2011

- Eric Alan - (Singer Songwriter) - Live Gigs 2015

- Panama Wedding -  Live Gigs - 2015

- Dustbowl Serenade Band (Country) - 2015

- Burroughs Media - (Media Company) - Acoustic Sessions - 2015

- Ryan Link - (Singer Songwriter/Broadway, Rent, Once, Hair) -  Live Gigs - 2016

- Ary Hill - (Singer Songwriter) -Guitar tracks (Debut Album) - 2016

- PDUB (The Producer) - ( King Louie, Fetty Wap, Z, Ted Park) - Guitar Tracks  - 2016

- Ian Morris - (Singer Songwriter) - Acoustic Guitar Tracks - 2016  

- The Institute of American Musical Theater - IAMT Rocks Benefit Concert  (Off Broadway Show) - 2016

- Anastasia Tillet - Debut Album - Guitar Tracks 2016

- Summerella - Rumors (Single) - Guitar Tracks (#9 Hot List itunes R&B Charts) - 2016

-Franciska Kay - Yaale Veyavo - (Writer, Recording, Production, Guitars, Keys) - 2017 

- Mariya Stepanenko - (Red Dye) Film Cue - Guitar Tracks - 2017

- Elijah Reed - (Artist) - Producer, Writer, Musician - 2017

- The Royal Wigs -  (Artist) - Guitar Tracks - Live Gigs - (2016- Current)

- Krowne Vocal School - Showcase/Live Guitar - 2017

- Merlin Zapravo (Artist) - Recording Sessions (Producer, Writer, Musician) - 2017

I had a really positive and enjoyable experience working with Ian. He provided me with excellent acoustic guitar tracks and works to a very high professional standard for a very reasonable rate.   -   Ian Morris

Franciska Kay - Yaale Veyavo (Producer, Composer & Musician)

The Royal Wigs - She's a Goddess I'm a Ghost 'Album' (Guitar Tracks)

Anastasia Tillet - Debut Album (Guitars)

Why a session guitar player?


Matt Wolpe & The Bedside Romeos - Who You Gonna Blame EP (Guitars)

Summerella - Rumors (Guitar Tracks)

Ian Litovich  Session Guitarist-Producer


Ary Hill - Autumn (Guitar Tracks)

Ian Litovich Music © 2017

Merlin Zapravo - Hold Me Down (Producer, Composer & Musician)

Robvin Somers - New Beauty (Producer, Musician)

    Session musicians exist to make tracks stand out and be the best they can be. They listen and examine each song like nobody else can and they know what and where to play. We work on a time limit, under a lot of pressure and it almost feels like a pressure cooker every time you do a session at a studio but it is the most rewarding and satisfying experience when the client listens to the song and is thrilled with the results.

    Being in the new age we are with technology and all the modern advances in music, session musicians are a rare breed now a days. Thankfully a lot of us have adapted to this new technology and instead a doing a lot of work going to studio sessions (like the good 'ol' days) now we work from home most of the time (myself included). I have a profesional setup home studio specifically designed to record guitars. With all the necessary hardware and software from Pro Tools, Guitar Rig, Amplitube and such... I can make a track sound like if it were recorded at an iconic studio. I have all the mics and gear necessary and available to do so. All you need to do is shoot me an email with your request, we negotiate on payment and we can work via email. No fuzz, no hassle, no tricks... just clean, simple and easy work. At the end of the day I accept PayPal, Venmo, Cash and Checks. I will not charge you ONE cent unless you are fully satisfied with the demo product. If you have any questions just contact me and I could explain further.